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To create a modern defined brow shape for over plucked or sparse eyebrows. Updating eyebrow shape can take years off your appearance.

  • $400 Eyebrows


To create definition to top and bottom lashes. Great treatment for fair lashes and pale eyes with no accent.

  • $400 Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)
  • $300 Eyeliner (Top or Bottom)

Lip Line Blend

Defines lip shape to add fullness for thin or uneven lips and blends the colour over part of the lip skin.

  • $400 Lip Line
  • $450 Lip Blend
  • $550 Full Lip

Scar Camouflage

White scars can be blended with pigment to match surrounding skin.

  • from $100 Scar Camouflage

Areola Re Pigmentation

To restore the colour to the Areola after surgery

  • from $250 One
  • from $450 Two

Tattoo Removal

Small tattoos can be removed using the Rejuvi method. Also mistakes in permanent makeup can be removed.

  • from $250 Tattoo Removal

Skin Needling

Lines and wrinkles are treated to promote collagen to fill out lines and wrinkles naturally.

  • from $250 (Wrinkle Smoothing)

Lactic Peel Facial

Very relaxing facial removes dead skin cells leaving skin glowing. After a soothing massage, vitamins A & C are infused into the skin using ultrasound waves, a wonderful treat for any skin type.

  • $75 Lactic Peel Facial